on birthing

Pregnant, with excitement, ideas, possibility, creativity. Feminine energy is creative energy, it birthed the cosmos. And ever since, she’s always been expressing herself in creation and in birthing. When nourished, tapped in, tuned in, turned on, she feels ever fertile to me – and I don’t even mean her ability to physically create a child. Her energy is fertile, her mind is fertile, her soul and heart is fertile for creation – however creation looks like, in that season of her life.


The symbolic visual of a pregnant womb, and the concept of fertility has begun to feel like something beyond the physical creation process of a human baby. Our business is our baby, our art is our baby, our home is our baby, our garden is our baby. Doing the work to heal our own inner child, the biggest damn baby.


Feminine creation, nourishment and birthing is something I experience in myself and witness in others at so many levels – from the kitchen to the drawing board, whether or not they literally mother a human being having nothing to do with it.


When I am excited about my business ideas, when I make moodboards, when I draw, when I dance, when I engage in deep conversation, when I write my feelings in my journal and unearth hidden gems of clarity, I am birthing. 


I am always birthing a new me, with every heartbreak, failure and mistake. With every year of experiences added to my age.


I am birthing inspiration, change and evolution with every act of self-nourishment, every self-help book, every course I invest into my development. I am nourishing my creativity with every vacation, every bathtub soak, every period of intentional rest. 


I am birthing every new moon and full moon. 


When I’m excited about a creative idea in the shower, when I daydream and romanticize my future, I am birthing. Sometimes I am birthing a new relationship, or a new paradigm in an old one. I’m always birthing a new life for myself when I pour nourishment into a new approach, a new look, a new furniture arrangement. The act of creation keeps life going.


When I first saw this candle, I felt a strong pull to decorate my altar with it as an ode to my womb space – the home to my sacral chakra, an energy centre of creation and creativity. The archetypes of the Maiden, Mother & Crone in Paganism represent stages of the life cycle of a woman – but I believe it goes deeper than just chronological age. I see the Mother archetype embodied in my sisters who own, operate and nourish the life force of their brands and businesses. I see us birth our dreams, visions, offerings and designs into reality.


A sensuous, ample, pregnant candle connects me to a reminder of how I’m always in a state of creation. It is my nature, a default setting of my humanness. I’m always birthing new intentions, ideas, thoughts, art, words, offerings and ways of be-ing into the world – through my creative work, or just by being me and living my truth. 


Creativity doesn’t need the validatory evidence of financial profit derived or job title for me – every single person contains the feminine within them and is creative. We all create every day, and a handful of us recognise that we do. We all came as creations ourselves, from a feminine womb.


A swollen womb as a visual expression of feminine birthing, set upon my altar, reminds me of all the possibilities, creativity and fun that is yet to come into my life, how there will always be something to look forward to.


How I am constantly co-creating with the Universe, and birthing daydreams into the daily.

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