Rescue – Parisienne Contemporary Ajrakh Modal Silk Saree


Rescue our beautiful, memorable Parisienne saree! Do you remember when these were launched, they sold out in a matter of days? We have one sample piece of the Parisienne lot that has a minor dot of defect on it’s very edge – it’s a fray in the fabric as tiny as a coriander seed, but it didn’t pass our quality check for the storefront. I have included a picture of this.

An artistic, naturally dyed and handprinted textile like this Ajrakh deserves to be rescued by a textile connoisseur instead of just laying unloved in our warehouse. This saree is a confluence of contemporary meets traditional. It will come with a blouse piece, and it is a favourite of our old patrons. A conversational, uncommon and beautiful Ajrakh.

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Parisienne, because this contemporary Ajrakh drape has the strikingly beautiful colours of the French flag and we imagine it worn by an elegant lady of taste with a black blouse, a red lip, pearls and a glass of red wine in hand! Hand block printed and resist dyed with traditional Ajrakh motifs – one can see the quintessential Ajrakh buta, the madhagolo arch, and quite a few more on this striking saree. This modal silk drape has rows of traditional Ajrakh buta patterning, interspersed with rows of striking, solid stripes of colour in black, madder red, white on an indigo base.


Ajrakh as a craft takes a lot of inspiration from the Universe, and the starry night sky, and this mystical drape completely recreates that vision. Rescue this sample piece and make it a beautiful, well-loved, eccentric part of your textile collection. It has stripers of the Chedo Buta interspersed with solid colour. 

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Blouse Piece

Yes, an indigo patterned running blouse piece is included.


Modal Silk, a cellulose based vegetarian silk. Has a satin like surface and smooth shine.

Craft Tradition

Created by artisan designer Mr Soyab Khatri of Ajrakhpur, Kutch, India. Handprinted with traditional Ajrakh wood block printing using natural dyes.

Wash Care

Mild, delicate hand wash or dry clean


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