100 Day Project

I’m taking on the Herculean but necessary task of tying myself to a #100DayProject while we’re locked down in this pandemic. These 100 Days of focused creation shall be spent on – painting plants!

I started a botanical illustration course that I’ve been very slow with, and I also like to recreate foliage patterns from Indian Miniature Art. My daily (I hope) drawings will be a mix of these two, and maybe more. I’ve always been very fickle with projects like these, and I keep drifting from one excited project to another, leaving behind a stream of could-have-beens. A little discipline is contagious to the rest of our lives, and I want this project to be the reason I consistently work on my art sans anxiety. But the act of showing up to my blog and posting a little something here serves the comfort of accountability. Let’s see where this goes.

Check in to this page anytime you feel like to see my progress, my journey as a recovering perfectionist, my inspirations, a sprinkling of art shares and some everyday banter from the life of a plant-loving artist xxx