on birthing

Pregnant, with excitement, ideas, possibility, creativity. Feminine energy is creative energy, it birthed the cosmos. And ever since, she’s always been expressing herself in creation and in birthing. When nourished, tapped in, tuned in, turned on, she feels ever fertile to me – and I don’t even mean her ability to physically create a child. Her energy is fertile, her mind is fertile, her soul and heart is fertile for creation – however creation looks like, in that season of Read Full

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Dainty Cypress from Indian Miniature Painting

Today’s a stylized, delicate and romantic cypress tree inspired by foliage spotted in the background of a very romantic painting.

Medium: Watercolor & Color Pencils

Here’s a glimpse of the process:

I think there’s going to be plenty of botanical drawings inspired by Indian miniature art during my project. I love how the stylization and treatment given to foliage is at once intricate and refined while also reducing the form to a simplistic expression. The painting this came from is … Read Full

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How a Pinterest Board Reduced My Impulse Buying | Sustainable Fashion & Mindfulness

in this article: I share an easy, effective idea that will curb your emotional spending and impulse shopping during this pandemic (and even otherwise). If you’re trying to make more sustainable fashion choices, practice mindful consumerism and curb irrational lockdown buys, this is for you. This trick uses Pinterest, and you can execute it within minutes of reading this blog post. The brilliancy of this is in the elimination of FOMO, the product you’re tempted to buy won’t be lost … Read Full

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Six Stunningly Stylish Party Wear Jewellery Ideas

In this post: musing on the history of costume jewellery in fashion, a scattering of Coco Chanel’s pearls of style wisdom, several styling tips for pairing Indian jewellery with western ensembles, and a curated assortment of six gorgeous, affordable art jewellery recommendations from Tarinika for tasteful and chic occasion wear!

Like much else in our wardrobes to this date, credit for the art of costume jewellery goes back to none other than the eternally chic Mademoiselle Coco Chanel. In a … Read Full

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Lockdown: An Ode To The Clothes We Wear At Home

In this article: working around and preventing pandemic induced emotional impulse-shopping, aesthetic fashion therapy ideas to soothe lockdown frustration, pretty stay-at-home outfit inspo, India-based thrift store recommendations, informative snippets on Indian textile and traditional costume, the importance of moments of playful escapism for adults in lockdown, sustainable restyling, mindful consumerism and feel-good fashion.

It looks like the only outings for us – if very essential and unavailable via online means – will be grocery runs for the next few weeks. … Read Full

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Sashiko, Meet Ajrakh – Visible Denim Mending with Japanese Sashiko Embroidery

Some DIY: Sashiko, a Japanese upcycling craft tradition, blended with appliqué from Ajrakh, an Indian handblock printed textile!

I always skip the long-winded introductions when I’m reading a process tutorial, so I’m going to get right into it now that I’m writing one. This is some sashiko mending on a denim shirt with a twist – incorporating a patch that peeks out of a rip in the denim. I chose an Ajrakh hand block printed motif for my patch, you … Read Full

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Ethical Fashion, Mental Health and a Radically Compassionate Label: with Reena Rose Dass

The fashion industry can be a toxic one to work in, what commonly comes to mind is the lives fast fashion garment workers in sweatshops; but the culture of exploitation often prevails as one goes higher up the chain. Fashion’s mental health problem touches the lives of students, interns, assistants, designers, those in high powered positions even. … Read Full

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What is Truly Slow Fashion? Talking Sustainability, Textiles and Legacy with Vidhi Agarwal of ‘Meiraas’

In all of my exposure to Indian sustainable fashion labels, I’ve often come across an amusing amount tokenism and greenwashing. A tendency akin to students wanting to pass an examination by doing the bare minimum, most ‘slow’ and ‘sustainable’ brands turn out not to be as hunky-dory and ethical as they market themselves to be. The indigenous, slow techniques are present; but dig deeper and you find kaam-chalao (half-hearted) craftsmanship done quickly or sparsely on mill-made powerloom fabrics. The artisan
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Keeping Cool in The Summer – Without an AC!

A Holistic, All-Natural Guide by Rhituparna Mitra

The tropical Indian summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to adopt eco-conscious summer practices from knowledge that lies in our cultural plethora Ayurvedic and slow living regimes! Isn’t it amusing how we sit inside our air conditioned rooms, ironically berating climate change, all the while knowing that our extensive carbon emission is the very cause of our discomfort?

Rhituparna Mitra is an eco-conscious maven and a passionate environmentalist who leads a … Read Full

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Kota Masuria, Kota Doria – Women & Woven Air

Kaithoon, a village of about 15,000 people in Rajasthan, is home to the ethereal kota doria weave. With 2500 looms, it houses weavers who have been working here for 300 years – their forefathers were brought here from Mysore in the 17th century by Maharao Kishore Singh, a general in the Mughal Army. This textile is locally known as Kota Masuria, because of it’s roots in Mysore. A true blue Kota Doria combines cotton and silk yarns in a … Read Full

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