LFW16 – #ootd – Styling the Saree

The saree is not just a symbol of Indian-ness, but of endless possibilities!

How versatile a drape it is, molding itself to every size that a woman can be… Adding curves and skimming lines everywhere it travels round the body, sensual and practical, stylish and comfortable all at the same time.

Millennials today grew up seeing our mothers carry them off with effortless grace, I think…it’s our turn to turn to this timeless drape and break the ageist stereotypes we associate the saree with, for it would be such a shame to have this sartorial classic die out to a day where it’s only a sight at the museum – drowned in history as yet another Indian “costume” that was swept away with our constant westernization of fashion.

Outfit – Fabindia, worn in the seedha palla style with a finely pleated front, cinched and secured by a belt. Another reason to buy organic cotton? Once you experience the drape, you can’t help but notice how fine handloom cottons are so light, breathable and soft – the fabric tends to mold itself to the shape of your body just right, polyester georgette and chiffons can never compare.

Check out the back drape here

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