How a Pinterest Board Reduced My Impulse Buying | Sustainable Fashion & Mindfulness

in this article: I share an easy, effective idea that will curb your emotional spending and impulse shopping during this pandemic (and even otherwise). If you’re trying to make more sustainable fashion choices, practice mindful consumerism and curb irrational lockdown buys, this is for you. This trick uses Pinterest, and you can execute it within minutes of reading this blog post. The brilliancy of this is in the elimination of FOMO, the product you’re tempted to buy won’t be lost … Read Full

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Lockdown: An Ode To The Clothes We Wear At Home

In this article: working around and preventing pandemic induced emotional impulse-shopping, aesthetic fashion therapy ideas to soothe lockdown frustration, pretty stay-at-home outfit inspo, India-based thrift store recommendations, informative snippets on Indian textile and traditional costume, the importance of moments of playful escapism for adults in lockdown, sustainable restyling, mindful consumerism and feel-good fashion.

It looks like the only outings for us – if very essential and unavailable via online means – will be grocery runs for the next few weeks. … Read Full

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