Gulbahar – Ajrakh Modal Silk Saree (Red)


Six yards of a whole spring garden, blooming and mesmerisingly dainty. The body is intricately patterned with daisies and petit fleurs, the palla has adorable sungudi-like dots and the blouse is as romantic as can be – a hand block printed polka dot with an Ajrakh border!

This is a one of a kind stunner, dyed naturally in a sensuous red with manjeestha or Madder root.

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Naturally dyed on modal silk, a cellulose based vegetarian silk.

Made in and sourced from Ajrakhpur, Kutch, India.

Dry clean or gently hand wash at home with mild detergent.

Please Note:

Handprinted textiles, by virtue of their beautiful artisanship, are meant to have slight irregularities, tiny bleeds or imperfections in printing and dyeing due to being handmade. No two pieces will ever be completely alike, each one is a labour of love and rivaayat (tradition). These quirks are a testament to the process of slow creation. They are not to be considered defects, for they showcase a valuable evidence of handcrafted heritage.


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