Summer Staples – Shibori, Batik, and other Handcrafted Tales

With temperatures soaring, it’s time to create an all new summer wardrobe, replete with summer staples in light, breathe-easy and beautifully handcrafted textiles! Hand dyed cotton textiles that undergo traditional processes like mud or wax resist printing/block printing- such as batiks, indigo prints and kalamkaris- are usually incredibly soft, light and comfortable due to repeated washing involved in every stage of the handcrafted printing process.

Left, Ochre and Brown Batik – The making of a batik fabric involves spreading a layer of wax over the dyed yardage (here, ochre), crushing the fabric when the wax hardens and dipping into a darker colored dye, which seeps into the cracks created by crushing and leaves behind this stunning crackled effect!

Middle, Shibori – An age old Japanese hand printing technique, fabric is folded in crafty ways – often much like the paper fans we made as children in school – and pressed down with clamps or tied, and dipped in dye to achieve a print. In this case, yellow dyed textile would be folded and clamped with a triangular block before dipping into chocolate brown. Love the fiery color palette!

Shibori-Dye-ToolsRelated image

Right, yet another Shibori – This white and blue yardage is my creation, tie dyed at home! Triangle folded and dipped in dye, these prints are quick to create and immensely rewarding to unfold and behold! For some easy to achieve Shibori dyeing techniques to give fabrics, tshirts and old clothes a fun revamp by yourself, check out this fun DIY Shibori guide

My favorite source for washable, easy to use fabric dyes for tie dyeing or washing machine dyeing at home is Yes, they deliver in India! Happy crafting and watch this space for more 🙂


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